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Rectangular Pan

Start with any wall and measure the wall perimeter clockwise. Drain measurements will always be off of walls C & D. C2 will be the distance C perimeter wall and center of drain. D2 will be the distance between D perimeter wall and center of drain.

Please enter dimensions by the inch and fractions as:

1/8=.125 | 1/4=.25 | 3/8=.375 | 1/2=.5 | 5/8=.625 | 3/4=.75 | 7/8=.875

Be sure to DOUBLE CHECK your measurements!

For Rectangular trays with a LINEAR drain. Please submit a Custom Shower Tray Order Form and our team will get in touch with you to discuss the details of your project.

Specify Your Requirements

Measurement A: (inches)*

Measurement B: (inches)*

Measurement C: (Inches)

Measurement D: (Inches)

Measurement C2:*

Measurement D2:*

Curb Length (inches)

Select Drain Cut

Upload a photo of your project

Required Thickness. (Standard perimeter thickness is 1-15/16)

Calculated Results

Rectangular Pan

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