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Why Choose STG Foam

STG Foam are collaborating manufacturers of the RodKat Shower system. Partners Nick and Rod Katwyk have over 20 years experience as tile contractors and they know first hand the ins and outs of the challenges that tile installers face day to day. Through their collaboration of design, development and innovation they have made a number of products to make installation easier, faster and more productive.

Loved by Tile Contractors and Architects Nationwide

From small to large, we serve all! Used by contractors and DIY on small residential projects all the way to several hundred unit projects spec’d by architects, we love helping bring ideas to life.

Our Insiration

Making lightweight solutions to save time and add years to an installers career.

Our Passion

Working in the lab on new and innovative products including simply unrivaled and unique shower shapes.

We Love What We Do

We simply love making products to make it easier on the hard working installer.

Our Mission

Bringing cost effective and practical solutions to the tile industry.

Our Team

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